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Career pehchano is a free organization to help the students to choose a better career option based on the stream they have chosen. Here we will provide all the necessary information regarding that stream. If you are confused about that which college should you choose after your 12th exam then you no need to worry about, career pehchano is here to help you out. No matter which stream(science, Commerce, Arts) you are in. Career pehchano will  provide a full detailed information about colleges and exams related to these streams. we will also provide some useful stuff related to career and education.

career pehchano

What career pehchano do ??

1) College reviews.

career pehchano

Career pehchano review your college based on their -

  1. Academic Quality 
  2. Graduate outcomes
  3. Prestige
  4. Quality of programs
  5. Sports
  6. Campus Atmosphere
  7. Chance of admission
  8. And other factors

Career pehcahno review some of these colleges for you.

  1. Medical colleges
  2. Engineering colleges
  3. Arts collegs
  4. Commerce college

2) Exam reviews

career pehchano

Career pehcahno review these exams for you.

  1. IIT (Indian institute of technology) ,Mains and Advanced
  2. NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test)
  3. CLAT (

    Comman Law Admission Test

  4. CAT (Comman Admission Test)
  5. AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science)
  6. GMAT (Graduate Management Test)
  7. TOEFL (Test of English Foreign Language)
  8. SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

Other career options like freelancing career pehchano prefer.

career pehchano
career pehchano

  1.  Web Development & Designing
  2.  Teaching online
  3.  Making Creative Design
  4.  Sales & Marketing
  5.  Graphic Designing
  6.  Article and Blog Writing
  7.  Photography
  8.  Customer Service
  9.  Social Media Coordinator and Community Manager
  10.  Logo Design & Illustration
  11.  Mobile App Development
  12.  Search Engine Optimization or SEO
  13.  Branding and Public Relations
  14.  Admin Support or Assistance for someone 
  15.  3D Modeling & CAD12
  16.  Game Development
  17.  Translation
  18.  Web Research
  19.  Legal Services
  20.  Transcription
  21. you tube

Thankyouu for visiting career pehchano. Hope this information will help you.

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