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Being a commerce student, sometimes we have to bear or regret "why we have chosen this subject" And that too after being a bright student. Most of the students chose this subject due to the fact that if their mindset is more conducive to a career in science and humanities, they will find it more uncomfortable and it will be easier in commerce.

“The lessons taught in great books are misleading. The commerce in real life is rarely so simple and never so just.”

a career in business management

The only question which commerce students counters the most from the very beginning is “Whether they want to be a CA or not??” Despite the tranny of this the students didn’t focus on other aspects as if the commerce students can never opt for any other career options. Well, I substantially see two types of students in commerce stream - One who belongs to businessman family but poor & medium in studies and take the stream to continue their family business and another one who belongs to serviceman family but good in studies and wanted to crack CA or MBA from a reputed institute.

But, In today’s scenario, the commerce stream is becoming the most popular and favorable course. Commerce education imparts the experience of the business world in all its manifestation. The growing phenomenon of liberation, privatization & globalization, and the most successful and richest person belongs to Commerce background. So, here we provide you information about CAREER AFTER 12th COMMERCE especially CAREER IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT

Whether you work in a small business or a large corporation, a business management degree is essential. Over the years, the business has become more complex. Recruiters look for candidates who are trained to manage the business efficiently. So first, we have to understand why we should make a career in business management.

Why pursue a career in Business Management?

Graduates with Business Management may qualify many different careers. It is highly competitive field at executive & management level. Enterprises continue to need capable with business management degree.  Those well suited for career in business management posse's different characteristics like creativity, sound analytical, decision-making skills, integrity, commitment, & enduring willingness to work hard for business management and business administration careers.

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Eligibility criteria for courses in business management

For Undergraduate courses

Undergraduate business management courses such as the Bachelor of Business Management (BBM), Bachelor of Business administration (BBA), and Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) require completion of 10 + 2 with 50% (45% for SC/ST); preference may be given to Math/Commerce graduates. The selection process is based on merit, entrance examination, group discussion, and personal interview performance.

For Postgraduate courses

The requirement differs from one institute to another, but the minimum marks requirement is 50 percent in your undergraduate. The admission process depends on the institute’s criteria. As some of them conduct merit or direct-based admission process. You can opt for the courses for your PG degrees like Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Post Graduate Diploma in Management ( PGDM). 

  • The merit-based admission process is marks scored by a student in a relevant board examination or Diploma course are taken into consideration. Seats are appointed to qualified candidates based on marks secured by them.
  • Certain colleges may conduct their entrance exams and interview processes to check the candidate’s knowledge. 

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Entrance exams for Business Management courses

Some of the top entrance exams of both UG & PG courses in Business Management are:- 

Entrance Exams











Best institutes for Business Management courses

Here are some top institutes to pursue your degree in business management:-



Indian Institute of Management , Ahmedabad

Amity University , Noida


Indian Institute of Management , Bangalore

Faculty of Management Studies ( D.U. ), Delhi

Indian Institute of Management , Kozhikode

Indian Institute of Management , Indore

Indian Institute of Technology , Delhi

Lovely Professional University , Jalandhar

Institute of Public Enterprises , Hyderabad

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Business Management skills

Leadership Quality

Ability to handle deadline

An outgoing / friendly personality

Excellent Communication skill

Ability to handle people

Execution Skill &Zeal


Degree of Specialization

Organizational Management


Digital Marketing


Banking & Insurance

IT & Systems


Foreign Trade

Financial & Management Accounting

Production & Material Management


Human Resource Management

Career scope in Business Management

Graduates in this course can find a lot of places for themselves to work practically in every field. The skills you gain in a business management degree allow you to contribute to your employer's organization passionately and effectively. A business management degree allows working in any sector in the business field. So, try to decide the area you want to work in and set a motto to get relevant work experience for your career. Here are some specific career opportunities which you can pursue.


A marketing manager does administrative work in the field of marketing. He manages the campaigns strategically for their company to make more significant customers and sales. He or She supervises a team of marketing coordinators by helping them by training to build their team for future progress. They analyze the data/stats of their company supplies.

Avg. Annual Income :- ₹6 Lakhs - ₹31Lakhs 


The work of the development director is to make a strategic plan to raise the fund of the company while working with an organization. It includes the task and delegate duties to team members. He makes a connection with the potential sponsors.

Avg. Annual Income :- ₹20Lakhs - ₹36Lakhs


A sales manager is the one responsible for connecting the customer with the products. They supervise the team of sales representatives. They analyze the data to identify ways to help their team improve efficiency, set sale goals, and start training programs for the team. They manage the sales department and handle large client account.

Avg. Annual Income :- ₹3Lakhs - ₹10Lakhs



The collective responsibility of controlling, monitoring, planning, and executing the project is upon the Project Manager. It takes the ability to consider all the possibilities which may cause failure and then overcome it by leading the team.

Avg. Annual Income :- ₹12Lakhs - ₹28 Lakhs

 A degree in business management permits you to appear for jobs in different industries because it consists of a wide range of subjects. Here are some other options which a business management degree holder can apply:-

  • IT Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Compensation Specialist
  • Sales Representative
  • Actuarial Analyst
  • Account Manager


In today's, competitive world, it is a difficult task for one to be ahead of their competitors, without proper planning, strategies, marketing, and a good product - which is a backbone for a company. For which companies spend a good amount to bring that efficiency and achieve their desired goals and outcomes.

A career in Business Management is the best career because Business management is one of the most important parts of any business. All the success and failure depends upon this. If the Business is not managed properly, like no plans, no goals, no strategy, etc., then a Business cannot go in the right direction. So, having a managed Business is very important.




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