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If you are using social media sites, you surely heard about the word RIP, but you don't know rip full form and meaning. Generally, people are using this word on their social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

What is rip full form and rip meaning? | 15 more rip full forms

In this post, we discuss RIP meaning and full form of rip in detail. If you are curious to know about RIP ka full form and its details must read the complete post.

RIP full form is "Rest In Peace"      

RIP is an abbreviation that is a short form of a word or phrase. Each character of the abbreviation belongs to a particular word. And after converting it into a full form, it gives a sensible meaning of that abbreviation. Here RIP is an abbreviation and RIP stands for REST IN PEACE that is-




Whenever people willing to say rest in peace, they use RIP instead of Rest In Peace.

So, this is the full form of RIP. But you are wondering what the meaning of RIP is? Why people are using RIP on social media sites? When we have to use RIP? Let discuss it now.

WFM full form

RIP meaning

If you notice that the word RIP is only used on that post that shows or is related to the death of a person.

RIP stands for rest in peace. When someone says RIP, its meaning is that the person who dies now rest in peace. It is normally used by Christian. When someone dies in their family, they use RIP to pay tribute. RIP is written on the graves of the dead person. When someone dies they are like resting that’s why rest in peace is used.

Why we use RIP?

RIP is used to pay tribute or to bring peace to the soul of the dead person. It's like praying to God for the dead person and their family.

When we use RIP?

Mostly RIP is used on social media posts to express their sympathy towards the dead person's family.

Rip meaning in English

Also, rip is a verb and its meaning is to tear something. When you tear any clothes quickly, we usually say, "You ripped the cloth in two pieces".

RIP meaning in Hindi

RIP full form meaning in Hindi is आत्मा को शांति मिले.

Rip (verb) meaning in Hindi is किसी वस्तु को चीर देना.

Example of rip abbreviation

  • Basketball legend dies in the helicopter crash- #RIP Kobe Bryant.
  • RIP Sohail, everyone missed you.
  • RIP to all doctors who lost their lives to protect us.
  • 21 soldiers died in the Naxal attack, RIP to their greatest sacrifice.
  • Shushant Singh Rajput, forever in our heart #RIP
  • #RIP Dilip Kumar sahab

Other full form of RIP

There is a lot more full form of rip than rest in peace. All are used in their particular field. Here we share 14 different rip ka full form.


Rest In Peace


Routing Information Protocol


Research In Progress


Raster Image Processer


Return If Possible


Regulation of Investigatory Powers


Regular Investment Plan


Refractive Index Profile


Retirement Income Plan


Rock In Park


Remote Indicator Panel


Rate Image Processor


Rapid Install Package


Read In Private


Requiescat In Pace

So, these are the full form of rip. I hope all your queries related to rip full from and rip meaning in English get solved.

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Q1. What is the full form of RIP? OR What is RIP stand for?

Ans: There is more than one full form of RIP. Popularly, RIP stands for rest in peace. Other full forms of the rip are used in their specific field. Like - in Physics "Refractive Index Profile", in technology "Routing Information Protocol" and "Raster Image Processor" and slang words "Return If Possible" and "Read In Private".


Q2. What is RIP death?

Ans: RIP is an abbreviation which is used as a condolences for their known one's death.


Q3. What is RIP full form in networking?

Ans: RIP full form in networking is Routing Information Protocol.


Q4. What is rip [regular investment plan] ?

Ans: A regular investment plan is just another word for SIP (systematic investment plan). It involves of investing the same amount of money on a regular basis that is quarterly or monthly. One can start RIP/SIP in mutual funds.

Q5. Which is correct RIP or rip?

Ans: Both are correct. The first RIP (capital), is an abbreviation and used to express sympathy. While the second rip, is an English word which means to tear. 

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