Branches of engineering - career pehchano

Branches of engineering - career pehchano

Well we all come across different branches of science and technology in our everyday life. The same for the field of engineering, it also consist of many different branches. If you are confused about which branch of engineering you should pursue , then career pehchano is here to help you out. The advancement of science and technology leads to the evolution of many different branches.

                Engineering is also the major or I must say the superior branch of science.So, being a part of science, engineering consist of many different branches. So let us discuss about them.

1. Computer science 

computer science career pehchano

Computer science is considered to be the highest paying engineering jobs in the world. Now at the present time the demand of computer software engineers are abruptly increasing day by day because the world is changing by adapting new technologies and machines, Therefore , in order to program that machines they require this type of engineers. This involves many sub branches.
  • Software engineering - consist of pure software building and testing.
  • Computer science and engineering - consist of some hardware training with software. 
  • IT - Computer Networks and Networking and managing database.

2. Electrical engineering 

electrical engineering career pehchano

This is the major branch after computer science and also we can say that it is a backbone of computer science. The backbone of technology is electricity so it plays a major role while we talking about technology. It also consist of many sub branches.
  • Electrical engineering 
  • Electronics and communication engineering
  • Microelectronics and engineering 

3. Civil engineering

civil engineering career pehcahno

It is the engineering related to what we all around us. It involves the construction of buildings ,roads, bridges and some more stuff like that. Every country and city wants to invest large amount to improve their infrastructure . And here comes the magic of civil engineer who works and researched to make it amazing.

4.Mechanical engineering

mechanical engineering career pehchano

As the name suggest mechanical means moving or having a kind of motion. The application of this engineering is in the industrial sector. Construction of huge motors, generators and any machine who reduce the human work load .

5. Chemical engineering 

chemical engineering career pehchano

In everyday life , we come across many different things made of chemicals but did you even wondered how these things are made, well these things are made by deep study of chemical engineering in different subjects of chemistry. Chemical engineers works on the large oil , naturals gas and mineral plants .

6. Metallurgical engineering 

metallurgical engineering career pehchano

In everyday life we come across many things which are related to chemistry but did you even tried to figure out that what are their sources, well their sources are mining. We get all the chemicals , metals and non metals by the metallurgical process . And this process is done by brains of metallurgical engineers

7. Aerospace engineering 

Aerospace engineering career pehchano

This involves two sub branches.
  • Aeronautical engineering - This involves the study and practical application of aerodynamics ex: Aeroplane and Aircraft  
  • Astronautical engineering - This involves the study of space and its dynamics ex: Rocket and Spaceship.
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8. Environmental engineering 

Environmental engineering career pehchano

Environmental Engineering is a very popular engineering course that deals with the issues related to the environment. The Environmental Engineers works to find out renewable sources of energy and solutions to cure pollution and other environmental problems. They work for the sustainable development of living organisms and the earth.

9. Petroleum engineering 

petroleum engineering career pehchano

Petroleum engineering is a branch of engineering which related with different activities like the production of different kinds of hydrocarbons, They can be either crude oil or natural gas such as methane, ethane, LPG, CNG. Sector of the oil and gas industry also fall in this category.

10. Nuclear engineering

Nuclear engineering career pehchano

Nuclear engineering is the branch of engineering related with the application of breaking down of atomic nuclei or  combining of  atomic nuclei, or with the application of other sub-atomic processes based on the principles of nuclear physics . All the basic principles of nuclear physics involve in it.

11. Marine engineering 

Marine engineering career pehchano

Marine engineering is the branch of engineering where students work on the development , maintaining , repairing and designing of many equipment which used to sail in the oceans . Marine engineer work on the engine room or vessels of the boats and ships . In marine engineering we completely studied about the working , maintenance and structure of the ships

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12. Agricultural engineering 

agricultural engineering career pehchano

Agricultural engineering is the branch of engineering which deals with agricultural production and processing. Agricultural engineers combines the knowledge  of mechanical , electrical and chemical to researched and developed the different agricultural equipment . They worked to increase the fertility of soil and productivity of crops .

13. Automobile engineering 

automobile engineering career pehchano

Automobile Engineering or Automotive Engineering is a part of Mechanical Engineering. Through the application of automotive technology, the course offers the special knowledge in vehicle designing, testing, repairing, and assembling. In this engineering, you can also learn safety engineering, quality management and control, automotive analytics as well as assembling and installation of various automobiles.

Some other branches of engineering

  • Biomechanical engineering 
  • Mining and Mineral engineering 
  • Geological and Geophysical engineering
  • Industrial and Manufacturing engineering 
  • Biomedical engineering 
  • Genetic engineering 
  • Biological engineering 
  • Architectural engineering
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Facts about engineering-

                                                 Engineering involves the application of energy to material to create something - a building, a monument, a network of computers. An applied pursuit, it allowed early builders to use initial discoveries about mechanics and chemistry to create structures that remain standing thousands of year lather.

                                                   Engineering was traditionally concerned with buildings and public projects like roads, docks, and lighthouses. English engineer John Smeaton apparently coined the term "civil engineer" in 1782, marking new directions for engineering as it began to feel the influence of the scientific and industrial revolutions. New technologies evolved that were capable of unlocking and putting to use forces of electricity, chemistry, heat, and, ultimately the atom.

Thank you for visiting career pehchano. Hope you understand much about engineering.                  

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